Thursday, 31 May 2012

National Library of Australia

Did you know about the National Library of Australia? I didn't. Makes sense that it exists, of course, but did you know that it's open for anyone to join? I've just applied for membership, and it's my favourite price: free!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Friday, 25 May 2012

Editing Humour

Some editing humour from the back cover of the May 2012 issue of 'The Victorian Writer', published by 'Writers Victoria'.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

South Pacific Launch

I was most fortunate to recently attend the launch of Opera Australia’s forthcoming production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s ‘South Pacific’. Held at the Regent Ballroom in Collins Street, Melbourne CBD, the venue – a cross between Disneyland’s ‘Haunted Mansion’ and Beowulf’s mead hall – was suitably decorated for the occasion; acres of white net curtaining had been hung, suggesting the tropics of the musical’s setting, yet also putting one in mind of Dame Joan Sutherland’s voluminous ‘Lucia Di Lammermoor’ costume.

Although he is not appearing in this production, the launch was hosted by the redoubtable Bert Newton, and featured an actual – gasp! swoon! – orchestra. This production of ‘South Pacific’ will be closely modelled on the New York Lincoln Centre Theater 2008 production. We heard from producers John Frost and Lyndon Terracini, as well as the revival’s original American director, Bartlett Sher.

Taking the leads in this production will be opera hunk Teddy Tahu Rhodes, as ‘Emile Debecque’, and Australia’s favourite girl next door Lisa McCune, as ‘Ensign Nellie Forbush’. In prerecorded video messages, we heard from Kate Ceberano who – in a surprise career move – will be taking the role of ‘Bloody Mary’, and Eddie Perfect, who will be playing ‘Luther Billis’.

The highlights of the evening were live performances by Rhodes and McCune; ‘This Nearly Was Mine’, and ‘I’m in Love With a Wonderful Guy’. Rhodes’ wonderfully rich voice and handsome looks are sure to make many audience members swoon. Paired with McCune’s lovely, bright soprano, and what is sure to be her winning interpretation of the role, the pair will be the foundation of this production.

The great intrigue will be to see how Ceberano handles the pivotal role of ‘Bloody Mary’, in partnership with Perfect as Billis, given that the two characters provide much of the show’s light relief. It will also be interesting to see the actors playing the central star-crossed lovers; Daniel Koek as ‘Lieutenant Cable’, and Celina Yuen as ‘Liat’. The cast is rounded out by several stalwarts of Australian musical theatre, which should make for a strong production.

Rhodes and McCune graciously signed posters and posed for photos at the end of the launch. Yours truly is now the proud owner of a personally autographed poster from the show, as well as the contents of a gift bag of  amusing ‘South Pacific’ promotional goodies. Hi, ho the glamourous life.


Why is ‘The Australian Women's Weekly’ – given its publishing schedule – not ‘The Australian Women's Monthly’? Ohhhh … now I see why …

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Gospel truth

Today's reading from the gospel according to Mother MacKenzie.

'The editor not only knows the rules, but also knows when to boldly break them.'

Monday, 21 May 2012

Abusical meaning

[French abus, from Latin abūsus a wasting, misuse; Middle English, from French, from Medieval Latin mūsicālis]
A theatrical or film production, created for the sheer purpose of consuming your soul, and making your ears bleed.
See: High School Musical.


Amen to that, sister!