Friday, 13 July 2012

Australian theatre websites

Here are some of the websites I regularly visit for news about Melbourne and Australian theatre.

Theatre People
This site is my first stop for all things theatre in Melbourne, both amateur and professional. Here you will find a comprehensive list of all of current and upcoming shows, as well as reviews, interviews, articles and audition notices. I visit this site weekly to keep up with Melbourne theatre. This site often announces rumours of upcoming shows well before they are officially announced.

Aussie Theatre
This site covers a wide range of Australian theatre, including musicals, plays, opera and cabaret, and lets you search by different theatre companies.

Theatre Australia
This is a site produced by the Independent Theatre Association. It provides a great overview of Australian amateur theatre.

Australian Stage
This site is divided up by states of Australia for easy searching. They have also partnered with Lasttix to bring a great range of last minute tickets for shows at discounted prices. I highly recommend getting onto the Lasttix email list as they regularly offer substantially cheaper ticket prices for many Melbourne shows.

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