Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Box Hill Institute of TAFE

It's nice to have a win occasionally!

So, on Friday evening I was catching up on my mail, which had gotten away from me during the week a bit, because it was my first week back at college. I was clearing out the spam folder in my Gmail account. Amongst all of the emails there — many of them strongly suggesting that I purchase vast quantities of industrial-strength Viagra — I happened to stumble across the following ...

'Dear Aaron

Congratulations! "Where There's Smoke ..." has won the $150 2nd Prize in the 2012 Avant Press-Box Hill Institute Short Story Competition.

Your story will be published in the 2012 Avant Anthology. You will receive a complimentary copy when it is launched on Thursday 6 December (at a venue to be decided).

Can you please email us the Word file of "Where There's Smoke ..." so we can edit it for house style.

We will email you an approval copy before going to press.

In November, you will receive an official letter from the Box Hill TAFE Administration requesting your banking details for electronic payment of your $150.

Congratulations once again!

Best regards

The Avant Press Team'

How exciting! This is my first competition prize! I mean, I had a piece published earlier in the year in the NMIT 'Time to Write' anthology — which was fabulous — but this is my first cash prize! And it's from another TAFE. Whoo and hoo!

I'm afraid I'll have to keep you in suspenders about the story until the anthology has been published, but then I'll post it here for y'all to read. But what I can tell you is that the theme of the competition was 'disasters'. My story was about a woman coming home to her house on fire, and the heroic efforts she then pursues. It was based on an exercise for my Novel class, so a big thanks goes to my Novel teacher, Louise, for setting that assignment!

Needless to say, all of the fame and wealth has gone to my head, and I've become insufferable to live with.

Here's the link to the Box Hill website with the announcement, too.

Photo credit: Box Hill Institute

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  1. Congratulations!! To quote an award winning author... Whoo and Hoo!!