Saturday, 3 November 2012


Pantone authority

A little colour humour for the weekend.  ;  )

We've been feverishly working on our student publication, INfusion 47, in recent weeks. The print version will be in black and white (we're on a budget, doncha know) but the cover will be in colour. Oh, the discussions the Design team has had about colours and tones and resolution and images. I'm mighty glad to have been on the Editing team (I was on the Management team for last semester's INfusion 46, making good use of my PA skills).

That said, I did a copyedit of the entire manuscript this week, o sole mio. Man, that was a learning curve. It was great experience for when I get out in the big, wide world of editing and writing. But it was also a bit scary. I'm hoping that my previous 'serial-killer' penmanship — all in my red editor's pen — is clear for our Design team, who are keying the changes into InDesign in coming days. Dearly beloved: pray for me that I have picked up all of the small corrections to be made!

I'm going to be working on the ebook version of INfusion 47 in coming weeks, too, which we'll be uploading to the NMIT website soon thereafter. I'll include the link here on the blog when it's all done and dusted. I've got four photos and two stories in this issue, which is a little bit exciting. I'm also currently working on the process of converting last semester's INfusion 46 into an ebook, so we can upload that as well. I had two stories and four photos include included in that one, which was loverly.

And wish me luck, folks, as I head into the final curve of my course!

To find out more about the Pantone Matching System for colours:

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