Sunday, 9 September 2012

Short stories

Okay, fair warning, people: I'm going to start uploading some of my short stories to this blog in coming weeks!

I've written more than a dozen short stories this year. They range from around eight hundred words, though to some whoppers at several thousand words. There's even  one that clocks in at over five thousand words. Whoa. My teacher cried a little when I submitted that one.

The stories are spread across a range of genres, from humorous to sci-fi to vampire to gay to thriller: you name it. There's even romance. I'm hoping that there's something for everyone. I've had a ball trying out new themes and styles and ideas. I've really been flexing my creative muscles. It's been bringing me a lot of joy.

I've even been editing some stories up and submitting them to anthologies and competitions. I had two stories accepted for our printed NMIT course anthology, INfusion 46. We're looking at putting that up on the web as an ebook. Stay tuned. And I've got two stories accepted for our next course anthology, INfusion 47. That's due out in coming months. Again, we're looking to put that up on the web as an ebook in addition to the printed version. I'll let you know when I have a link for it.

I also had had a story accepted for the 'Time To Write' anthology to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of NMIT. It was run the Bachelor of Writing and Publishing course at the NMIT Fairfield campus. I even got an 'Honourable Mention'. Don't worry: I won't start thinking I'm people. I've included the link to 'Time To Write', below, if you'd like to read my story.

I've got half a dozen other stories under submission for various online and printed anthologies, too. Fingers crossed that some of them get legs and get published!

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