Thursday, 6 September 2012


It's always nice to see someone you know have a win. Particularly if they're both a local and a writer.

The indefatigable Edwina Preston — biographer, editor, rock-star, reformed poetess, earth mother, muse, and now novelist — who also happens to be one of my wonderful teachers at college, has had her first novel published. We got to lay our hands tonight on copies of The Inheritance of Ivorie Hammer at the novel's launch at Wesleyanne in her home stomping ground of Northcote.

We heard from Edwina's publisher at Queensland University Press, John Hunter, who talked about Edwina's ten-year-long odyssey to complete, shop-around and finally bring the book to market. The lady of the moment gave a speech and read a wonderfully evocative selection from the novel. The excellent people at Readings sold copies of the book during the evening, which was going gangbusters. And music by 'The Frightening Lights' entertained the crowd while the author signed copies of her book.

You might already be aware of Edwina's writing from her biography of the late Australian artist, Howard Arkley. The book — Not Just a Suburban Boy —  is a fascinating insight into Arkley's life, as the well as the Melbourne art scene of the 80s and 90s. Unfortunately, it's currently out of print, but Edwina's looking into having it re-published as an ebook. Stay tuned.

I'll be devouring Edwina's novel in the near future and posting a review of it here. Naturally, I'll be pulling no punches. I mean, just because she's my teacher, and that she will be grading me on this blog at the end of the year, does not mean that I am unable to remain impartial. Freedom of the press and all of that, doncha know.

Did I mention that she's a very attractive, youthful-looking woman; well-dressed, refined, and with a figure that just won't quit?  ;  )

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